Romteck Grid Pty Ltd

Romteck Grid Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned specialist automatic fire monitoring company that combines the highly renowned equipment of Romteck Australia Pty Ltd with the monitoring expertise of Grid Security Services Pty Ltd.

We are a fully independent monitoring organization able to report to you without a conflict of interest, including how often your fire service company has tested your systems and how many alarms were generated.

Romteck Australia Pty Ltd (“Romteck”)

Romteck is the largest manufacturer of ASE in Australia and has been producing ASE for over 20 years.

Romteck equipment is used by many Australian Fire Brigades and is arguable the “name product” in Australia. South Australia and Tasmania have already upgraded their systems to modern alarm signalling equipment (“ASE”). In each of these states the fire authorities carried out extensive investigations as to available ASE and chose the Romteck ASE.

This means, for example, that every property monitored by the Brigades in South Australia has to use Romteck ASE.

Governments extensively specify Romteck ASE. For example, Romteck provides and supports the alarm signalling equipment on many defence bases and for Airservices Australia.

Romteck ASE can utilise a wide range of communication media including copper, polled wireless, NBN, direct line, fibre optic, radio, microwave etc.

There are thousands of Romteck ASE units installed across Australia, from the vast outback to Centrepoint in the heart of Sydney.

Romteck also design and manufacture a range of support products.

Grid Security Services Pty Ltd (“Grid”)

Grid has over 30 years experience in monitoring and operates a Central Monitoring Centre at 96 Bay Street, Botany. The Station is a magnificent, purpose built facility regarded as being at least the equal of any such Central Monitoring Centre in Australia.

Australian Owned

Romteck Australia Pty Ltd, Grid Security Services Pty Ltd and Romteck Grid Pty Ltd are all 100% Australian owned. In fact, Romteck is an Australian success story, exporting its products to numerous overseas markets including the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Romteck Grid Pty Ltd (“Romteck Grid”)

Romteck Grid is able to offer a range of Romteck models in ACT, NSW & VIC

Please note Romteck Grid is not able to offer all Romteck products and systems and some Romteck equipment offered by Romteck Grid may have different characteristics communication links or performance parameters to Romteck equipment used in other states or on defence bases.

The sophistication of the Romteck ASE enables Romteck Grid to network large sites in appropriate situations and provide substantial savings to owner/agents.


We monitor over 8,000 fire alarms in ACT, NSW & VIC to the fire authorities.


Romteck has submitted ASE for testing to CSIRO Verification Services and there are six current listings under the provisions of the prestigious ActivFire Scheme, which is recognised by the Building Code of Australia.

In summary, Romteck equipment is recognised Australia wide as the proven ‘name’ in ASE and Romteck Grid is pleased to be able to offer such superb products in ACT, NSW & VIC to monitor your automatic fire alarms to the Fire Authorities.


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