Emergency Lift Communications

The NBN rollout will replace most fixed telephone lines throughout the country.


This will impact your building's lift emergency phones.


The ideal solution is the Romteck Emergency Lift Communication System ”ELCS”.

The Emergency Lift Communication System is a comprehensively managed lift communication solution and is the most sophisticated in Australia.


Using state of the art 4G dual SIM technology, the ELCS replaces the existing analogue fixed lines (PSTN) connected to your lift emergency phones.

Emergency Lift Communication Features

4G Dual Sim Technology

Monitored 24/7 in Sydney

Replaces up to four PSTN Lines

Remote Firmware Updates

Durable High Quality Steel Case

Battery Backup

10 Hours of Talk Time

Compatible with ACMA Certified Telephones

Allows for concurrent calling

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Telephone:                     1300 658 158

24/7 Monitoring Centre: 1300 552 231

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