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The Romteck Grid Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) can be taken offline in order to allow for works on site without transmitting fire alarms through to Fire & Rescue. To do this a Romteck Non-Magnetic Dallas Key is required to unlock the ASE. This will then allow users to scroll through the menu and select “Activate Test” which lasts either two or four hours(model dependent) before timing out.

Romteck Grid Dallas Key

SKU: 21554345656
  • Status

    • Press the F1 button to backlight the ASE display screen.
    • The ASE screen will show if one or more zones have an active fire alarm.

    Test Mode

    To place the ASE into test mode:

    • Activate commands by touching the ASE Dallas Key on the reader.
    • Press the F1 button to step through the menu to “Activate Test”.
    • Press the F2 button to execute the test command.
    • The screen will show ASE in Test Mode.

    Note: Test Mode lasts 120 Minutes and the screen will display the remaining time before Test Mode times out. The ASE sounds a warning tone for 10 minutes before Test Mode times out.

    • To command ASE from Test Mode back to Normal Mode use the Dallas key and step through the menu as above to ‘Turn Off Test” then use the F2 button to execute the command.

    Isolate Mode

    • Similar process as above but step through the menu to ‘Activate Isolate’.

    Note: Isolate Mode will time out after 720 minutes (12 hours) and a tone will sound to warn Isolate has timed out.

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